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By This Time Next Month You Could Own Your Dream Home!

Our owner financing approach helps you to purchase your dream home without the need of banking qualification.

No bank qualification required; fast closing; easy terms; credit problems; lease option; rent-to-own; owner financing.
Here's what we do:

         We help people to fulfill their home ownership dream without the strict banking rules and qualification requirements.

         Unlike realtors trying to sell other people’s homes, we are the proud owners of many great homes in King County. We are ready to sell our houses to make your dream house a reality. Because we own the homes, we can offer several options of owner financing like rent-to-own, lease option and many more. All strict banking requirements and rules related to credit are removed. We can be much more flexible.

         If you are interested in buying a home of your own we will work with you and give you several financing options. If we have a home you like and you have something we can work with, you can be in a home in a few weeks. If you have very bad credit and no money then we probably can’t help you. However, if you have some money but have lost your credit then most likely we can help you to get into your home now.

         We have very nice homes in cities like Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish, Kent, Woodinville and many more.

         Fill out the form on this page or call us at 425-292-7887 and let's talk about the various housing options available. Chances are you can own your dream house in less than 30 days! We are not here to judge your past financial mistakes; rather we are here to help you plan a new life. Again, we own the homes, so we have the final decision. Allow us to make it work.

         Remember: We own the homes. We sell them as a FSBOFor Sale by Owner – which means we don’t need to pay any commission and you get the benefits. By offering you owner financing we can do whatever we decide to agree upon to make it work. No bank qualification required! Read more about our most frequently asked questions.

         If you are currently a tenant, please read our Attention Renters page with information about how to become a home owner paying almost the same as you pay for rent.

         So many people are now in a home despite thinking that they wouldn’t qualify. They were wrong. Let’s use the same magic for you!

         Fill out the form now!

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Sold Properties:

house with owner financing in Redmond home offered with rent-to-own in Kirkland home with lease option in Sammamish house with owner financing in Issaquah home offered with owner financing in Bellevue
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